Approved Supplier Management made easy!

Do you rely on your suppliers to send you details of their current certifications, specifications and other documents to keep your Approved Supplier Program up to date?


You will probably agree that maintaining Approved Supplier Programs can sometimes be a frustrating and time-consuming task!


approvedsuppliernetwork.com will save you time and resources in the management of your Approved Supplier Program whilst providing the following benefits:


- 24/7 access to the Business Details and Approved Supplier Documents of your potential and/or existing Suppliers. No more sending requests and awaiting responses;
- 24/7 access to the Business Details of your potential and/or existing Customers. Current business and contact details maintained from their source;
- 24/7 downloadable up-to-date Supplier and Customer listings. No more time and effort wasted updating the business, contact and document details for your potential and/or existing Suppliers and Customers;
- 24/7 notifications of changes to the details of your Suppliers and Customers. You will receive automatic notifications whenever any business, contact and document details change for any of your Suppliers and/or Customers;
- Worlds Best Practice for Approved Supplier Management. Creating and sustaining 'Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships' which are the cornerstone of International Quality Management Systems; and
- Supplier Approval Transparency. Beware if your potential and/or current suppliers have something to hide!


Approved Supplier Programs need to be maintained to display a due diligence approach to safe and quality procurement. Never be caught short during a Compliance Audit for your Approved Supplier Program again! – Become a User of approvedsuppliernetwork.com today! More…


approvedsuppliernetwork.com will not only save you significant human and financial resources in the management of your Approved Supplier Program… It will also assist in decreasing your business’ carbon footprint and enhancing your sustainability compliance!


As a part of our commitment to a greener planet, approvedsuppliernetwork.com allows you to operate a 'paperless' Approved Supplier Program. Save time, resources and the environment by using approvedsuppliernetwork.com today!



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